Field Installation and Service Manual IMS125 | Page 4

Adjusting a Door The available movements in these hinges are performed by adjusting cam and clamp screws located in the hinge and mounting plates. Up and Down movement is achieved by loosening the two screws that attach the mounting plate to the cabinet. Once the screws are loose, slide the mounting plate up or down against the cabinet as needed and retighten. Side to Side adjustment of a door is achieved by turning the front screw on the hinge arm. In and Out movement is performed by turning the cam screw at the back of the hinge arm. Keep in mind that these adjustments are performed with the door in an open position and are not evident until the door is closed. Door Adjustments Open Door View Out of Alignment Condition Alignment Condition Corrected Up and Down Adjustment Side to Side Adjustment In and Out Adjustment ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 125 4