Field Installation and Service Manual IMS124 | Page 2

Field Installation and Service Manual SECTION 1- INSTALLATION Installing Door and Drawer Hardware Illustrated Method Sheet 124 Step 1 Marking and Drilling 1.1 Usually the hardware specified for operating the doors and drawers will be the same for the entire installa- tion. Often, the doors may be specified to have a knob and the drawers a pull, which will have different hole patterns. You will need to determine what drill pattern is to be used for both the door and the drawers for each room with our installed cabinets. This information can be located on the “Installation Options Summary” that is part of the installation packet. Drawer and Door Hardware Drill Jigs Drawer Hardware Drill Jig Door Hardware Drill Jig Index for Knobs Center for 6” High Drawer Faces Center for 10” High Drawer Faces Door and Drawer Hardware is what is used to open and close the cabinet doors and drawers throughout their lifetime. Accurate marking and drilling is required for consistency and effectiveness of the hardware installation Index for 3” Pulls Center for 12” High Drawer Faces Index for Knobs Index for 3” Pulls Index for 5” Pulls Index for 5” Pulls 1.2 If you do not have a ready made jig available, it is likely that you can save time and increase the accuracy of the install if you take the time to construct a simple one that can give you an accurate drilling pattern layout. The jigs pictured above accommodate our cabinetry and are orderable. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 124 2