Field Installation and Service Manual IMS121 - Page 5

Scribing a Laminate Top to Fit Wall Conditions 3.1 In the case of a typical two section top, place the longest section in its location. Place the mating piece and temporarily line up the joint. Wall A Worst Condition for Wall A Align the tops so that are parallel to the face of the cabinets and in contact with the back walls at some point. Determine the worst condition for each wall (the area where the gap between the top and wall is the largest). Contact With Wall This spot will determine the amount of ma- terial that will need to be removed from the back of the top in order for it to fit the wall contours. Miter Joint Temporarily Aligned Worst Condition for Wall B Wall B 3.2 Scribing a Laminate Top to Fit Wall Conditions Decide on an amount to remove from the top scribe that will satisfy the wall condition and necessary overhangs. Confirm that the amount of material to be removed from the top’s back scribe to match a wall condition will provide the cor- rect overhang in critical areas such as stove openings. Front of Top is Parallel to Front of Cabinets Any Material Cut From Scribe at Wall B Will Contract These Overhang Dimensions Wall A Any Material Cut from Scribe at Wall A Will Contract These Overhang Dimensions Set the scribe tool to this dimension for each wall and carefully mark the top. If the laminate material is dark in color, use masking tape on the top for a more visible line. Scribe Marked Line 121 Wall B ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 121 5