Field Installation and Service Manual IMS121 - Page 3

Step 2 Lay Out the Tops 2.1 Tops will arrive at a job site with joints already cut and matched. Carefully measure the counter surfaces to confirm the layout and determine if any cuts to the length must be made. Confirm location and direction of any joints and finished ends. Calculate needed sizes from material supplied. 2.2 Examine the walls in the area where tops will be installed. Use a carpenters square against a level or straight- edge. A carpenters square by itself can yield inaccurate results. Identify out-of-square conditions at corners as well as humps and recesses along the length of a wall. The point here is to determine if out-of-square conditions will require the top to be longer than what the space measures in length. (See Section 1 IMS 120, Step 2) 121 ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 121 3