Field Installation and Service Manual IMS121 - Page 15

9.2 Before proceeding with assembling the joint, prepare the area, tops, hardware, glue and tools. Remove the tops to a bench or sawhorse arrangement allowing the joint to be made up with access to the underside. Ensure that the draw bolt holes line up and are clear of debris. Place the tools and supplies you will need within easy reach. -Correct size box or open end wrench to fit the draw bolts -Hammer and block or plastic faced mallet -Clean rag and water for rinsing -Type 2 water resistant carpenters glue -Correct quantity of draw bolts parts, tested for smooth operation Clean both mating surfaces with a wet rag. Allow some of the water to be absorbed by the ends of the laminate tops. This will retard the glue from tacking immediately and allow more time to adjust the joint as it is tightened. Situate the two top halves on their supports vertically and horizontally aligned, but with enough space between the joint faces allowing the glue to be applied and spread. 121 ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 121 15