Field Installation and Service Manual IMS121 - Page 10

Step 7 Applying an Endsplash 7.1 Install an Endsplash so that it is attached with screws to the end of a laminate top, not over the top. This requires that the laminate top is shortened to allow the thickness of the Endsplash, but still fits as snug as possible in the space. Endsplash Types To layout the correct length for the laminate top that will receive an Endsplash, move the top into its exact place- ment so any length adjustments can be determined. Endmount Topset 7.2 Once the top is fit, apply masking tape to the surface along both the end and backsplash receiving an Endplash. Measure and mark 13/16” (the thickness of the End- splash) onto the laminate top away from the wall or cabinet side that the End- splash will butt up to. Transfer the dimension to the back of the top and cut the top to the marks. See Step 5 of this IMS. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 121 10