Field Installation and Service Manual IMS120 - Page 8

Finished Top Niche Scribe Process SP.2 Prepare the Wood Top by applying masking tape to any ends or back if they will require scribing. Top View Carefully place the Wood Top it in its opening. Since it is longer than the open- ing, it must be placed diagonally into the space. Prior to Scribe Marking Ends, Ensure Front of Top is Parallel to Front Face of Cabinets Determine which of the wall corners is the squarest of the two and place the low end of the Wood Top into the squarest corner of the niche fi rst. Front View Place Lower End of Rough Sized Top into the Squarest Corner of the Opening and Mark the Wall Condition with a Scribe Ensure that the Wood Top is parallel to the front of the cabinet face and scribe mark its low end to the wall. Utilize caution to scribe mark the minimum amount of material to be removed for the Wood Top to fi t the side wall. SP.3 Remove the Wood Top from the opening. Place it on sawhorses or a suitable surface and cut to the marked end to the scribe line. Carefully measure the dis- tance from one side wall to the other of the niche along the top of the cabinet face. At the same depth from the back of the Wood Top as the “Cabinet Face Depth” in the niche, mark that dimension onto the Wood Top at the unscribed end. Be sure to pull the tape parallel to the front of the Wood Top. Accuracy is criti- cal for this dimension. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Niche Measure and Transfer to Top Top View Cabinet Face Depth Carefully Measure The Wall to Wall Niche Space at the Face of the Cabinet Cut to Scribed Line Prior to Marking Length Cabinet Face Depth Wall to Wall Niche Dimension Place Top on Sawhorses or Another Suitable Support for Scribe Cutting Section 1: IMS 120 8