Field Installation and Service Manual IMS120 - Page 6

Step 4 Scribe Cut the Wood Top to Fit the Wall Condition (Two Wall Corner With Open End) 4.1 Remove the Wood Top from its position on the cabinet and transfer it to a bench or other surface that will support it while being cut. 4.2 Cut along the outside of the Wood Top scribe line with a circular saw held at a slight angle. This will keep the saw base from marring the fi nished sur- face of the Wood Top and minimize the material thickness that will actually contact the wall. Scribe Cutting Finish Tops With a Circular Saw Circular Saw Slight Angle Keep Saw Guide in Contact with Top at all Times During Cutting Cut to Outside of Scribe Marked Line Finish Top Finished Top Meets Wall Stop the Angled Cuts so they are Not Visible from the Front or Side A Finished Top Should Meet the Wall at at Back and Sides With a Slightly Angled Edge Finish the Cut so that Visible Areas are Vertical Finished Top Back Wall Cabinet Interior Cross Section View ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Finished Top Side Wall Cabinet Face Front View 4.3 Always enter or exit the Top with the saw at a perpendicu- lar angle. Stop the angled cut short of either exposed end and make a separate verti- cal cut at these points from the opposite direc- tion. Section 1: IMS 120 6