Field Installation and Service Manual IMS119 - Page 2

Field Installation and Service Manual SECTION 1 - INSTALLATION Installing Corbels and Posts Illustrated Method Sheet 119 Securing the backside of a Corbel to a suitable surface determines if the Corbel will be structural or decorative. If the back material is a cabinet structural panel or a drywall surface with lumber reinforcement (or stud location), the Corbel can be considered structural. If the Corbel is attached to a wall with no reinforcement or a cabinet back that is not covered with a structural panel 5/8” thick or thicker, the Corbel can only be considered decorative. A decorative Corbel cannot be relied upon to support a countertop. Step 1 Installing Corbels Examples of Decorative and Structural Corbel Placements Corbels are a decorative brackets that, if installed properly, can be used to help support the over- hang of a countertop. Posts are typically a decorative way to transfer support of a counter surface directly to the ground. Decorative 1-1/8” Screws 1-1/8” Screws Plywood Roughtop Plywood Roughtop Corbel Corbel Pony Wall Pony Wall Even when they are not used for structural pur- poses, Corbels, Decora- tive Panels and Posts can offer great advantages to a kitchen design. Often a simple or plain kitchen design can be transformed into a maga- zine feature with the addition of these elements. Structural Caulking Applied to Drywall Behind Back of Corbel Added Structural Framing (1) 2” Finish Nail Through Flange on Each Side of Corbel 1.1 When installing a Corbel to a drywall covered wall, apply caulking to the back of the Corbel. If the installation is to be structural, apply caulking to the back of the Corbel and then drive a couple of 2” fi nish nails through the Corbel’s back fl ange to reach the structural lumber. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 119 2