Field Installation and Service Manual IMS118 - Page 5

Step 3 Build Up Build Up is a material used in place of Rough Top when the counter material does not require a full deck to rest upon, but needs to be elevated so that the front edge of the counter material does not interfere with the operation of the doors or drawers. Build Up is usually 2-1/2” wide 5/8” particle board with a fi nished edge. It is nailed to the perimeter and sides of a cabinet run where the countertop will contact the cabinet. 3.1 The inte- rior pieces are not required to contact each other. Confi rm the out- side fi nished edge of the buildup is fl ush to the face of the cabinet and that any outside corners are clean and accurate. Typical Layout for Installing Buildup Install Build Up w/ FInish Nails Miter Build Up at Outside Corners Install Build Up Flush to Face of Cabinet Sink Space Relieve Build Up and Front Stretcher for Sink 118 ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 118 5