Field Installation and Service Manual IMS111 | Page 4

Step 3 Install the Skin 3.1 Install the Toekick Skin to the face of the toe recess area with 1-1/4” fi nish nails. Confi rm that the fi nished end of the skin lines up fl ush with the fi nished sides of the cabinets. When nailing Toekick Skin to the Toekick recess of a cabinet, you can minimize the need for touch up at the nail holes if you place the nails as high and low on the skin as possible. Nails placed high will be out of view under the protrusion and those placed low can possibly be covered by the thickness of the fl oor covering or possible base shoe molding. Step 4 Assembling an Inside Corner 4.1 Using a straight edge, draw intersect- ing lines parallel to the front of the Toekick recess for each cabinet making up a corner. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 111 4