Field Installation and Service Manual IMS109 - Page 5

Attachment Screw Placement for Light Rail Two screws at finished ends Add a screw centered within spans larger than 16” to 18” At least one screw within 3” of a cabinet end pair Within 3” of a cabinet end 109 1.2 Attach spans of Light Rail with screws placed within 3” of an outside corner and at least one screw within 3” of a joint where two cabinets stitch together. If a span between these screws exceeds 18”, place additional screws within the span in equal intervals so that these attachment screws are never further than 18” apart. Field Tip: When working with molding, always account for the longest pieces before making any cuts, especially if you will be cutting and installing a shorter piece fi rst. Look for blemishes, end checks and anything else that will ren- der a length of molding unus- able and utilize this information in your assessment. 1.3 If using a profi le that requires an overhang to the front, it is helpful to install the end return piece fi rst with the proper overhang to the front. This will provide a point to measure and align to while cutting and placing the longer span. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Understanding what your needs are for particular lengths of moldings will help you minimize the need for splices and delays. Section 1: IMS 109 5