Field Installation and Service Manual IMS109 - Page 3

Square End Cuts Square end cuts should be used where molding terminates at a fl at square point such as a wall or cabinet where the molding does not continue. Always trim a 90 degree cut to the end of a piece of molding before measuring the cut length. The factory cuts made to full lengths of molding are usually not square enough for Light Rail work. 109 Light Rail Cutting Position Inside and Outside Corner Cuts Most Light Rail cuts will be inside or outside corner cuts. These cuts are the most critical because not only do they require accurate measurement and marking, they also depend on the molding being placed squarely against the fence and table during the cut. Light Rail should be cut in the position it will be installed on the cabinet, top side up. This orientation is straightforward with the simple profi les, however the “L-shaped” profi les pose a challenge. Though they can be cut accurately and safely upside down, saw blade tear out will occur at the fi nished toe of the miter using this orientation on the saw. Instead, for the “L-shaped” profi les confi rm that the Bot- tom and Cleat Back of the molding profi le is fi rmly placed against the fence and table of the miter saw. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Measuring and Marking Sides Top Face Miter Miter Saw Fence Saw Cleat Back Fence Bottom Miter Saw Table Section 1: IMS 109 3