Field Installation and Service Manual IMS108 - Page 8

Step 3 Installing Crown Molding Most of our crown profi les require the installation of Sub Crown for the Crown Molding to fasten. There are a couple of molding profi les available for this purpose, but in most cases this material will be Shadow Molding (ATSM). This stock is a veneered particle board that is 5/8” thick, 4-1/2” x 96”, and fi nished on one side. ATSM can be installed in three ways: 1. By Itself as Topscribe Cut the ATSM to span the gap from the top of a Wall Cabinet run to a ceiling or soffi t. (See Section 1 Installation IMS 106 - Installing Cabinet Wall Fillers). In this case, the material must be set back from the face of the cabinet box by 1/4” and scribe (copy) any variations in the ceiling within 1/16”. Install the material to be 1/4” back from the cabinet box face and sides with screws from inside the cabinets and with 1-1/4” fi nish nails at any inside or outside corners. Use cleats at any end returns where a screw from below will not work well. 2. As Sub Crown when Crown Molding will Span to Ceiling Using the same setbacks and attachment methods as detailed above, cut the ATSM in width to within 1” of the ceiling and install. The rest of the span will be covered by the Crown Molding. 3. As Sub Crown In this case, the ATSM can be ripped in half to extend the yield. Use the same setbacks as above for placement of the ATSM and use 5/8” for the Sub Crown Reveal. Using ATSM (Shadow Molding) Ceiling 1” Scribe to Ceiling ATSM as Sub Crown Variable AMC4 AMC5 AMC6 AMC9 Variable 1/4” Sub Crown Reveal 1/4” AMC4 AMC5 AMC6 AMC9 Ceiling ATSM as Sub Crown- Crown Spans to Ceiling ATSM by Itself as Topscribe 2-1/8”+ 1/4” 5/8” Sub Crown Reveal Other Configurations ABU PB58 as Sub Crown AMC2 By Itself AMLR 2 as Sub Crown AMC4 AMC5 AMCC ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. ABU PB58 AMLR 2 AMC4 AMC5 AMC6 AMC9 Section 1: IMS 108 8