Field Installation and Service Manual IMS106 - Page 4

Cutting a Tapered Filler on a Table Saw 2-3/4” Wide Dimension 2-1/2” Narrow Dimension Waste Tapered Filler Push material through saw with slight pressure towards the fence 2-3/4” Wide Dimension Finish taper cut with material against the fence Start the taper cut at the marked narrow end of the scribe piece. Line up the blade on the marked scribe material, not the fence 3B.3 Tapered 3B.4 Tapered 3B.5 Tapered To safely taper a scribe on a ta- ble saw, set the table saw fence for the larger dimension. Starting with the end that is marked with the narrow dimen- sion, visually align the scribe piece so the blade will cut on the outside of the mark. Start the saw and proceed with the cut while slowly allowing the workpiece over its length to travel toward the fence. Plan to cut the scribe with the waste portion to the outside of the blade. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. The cut should fi nish with the workpiece completely against the fence. Section 1: IMS 106 4