Field Installation and Service Manual IMS105 - Page 3

Plan View - Completed Wall Cabinet Inside Corner Filler 1.2 See the drawing at right for an overview of a completed corner fi ller and the relationship between reveal and fi ller widths. Cabinet 1 stw #1 Direction of cabinet placement The fi ller reveal widths should have been cal- culated earlier during the layout process. 105 Box r+t Depth r (for this example) r Filler 1 Filler 2 Bottom Corner Filler Box Depth Reveal Width Reveal (r) Cabinet 1 = Cabinet 1 Side-to-Wall (stw) - Cabinet 2 Box Depth Reveal (r) Cabinet 2 = Determined at layout Cabinet 2 Filler Width Filler 1 Width = Reveal (r) + Filler Thickness 5/8” or 3/4” (t) Filler 2 Width = Reveal Accurately Determining the Side-to-Wall Dimension Cabinet 1 stw #1 Mark Point A 1.3 Once Cabinet 1 is se- cured to the wall, determine the Side-to-Wall Dimension (stw), utilizing a framing square and a tape to measure from the side of the cabinet to the wall in a line parallel from the face of the cabinet. Do not measure at the back wall. Drywall conditions in the back corner may cause the measurement to be inaccurate. Mark the wall at the exact point where a line along the face of Cabinet 1 would intersect the wall. (Point A) Subtract the depth of Cabinet 2 (box only) from the side-to-wall (stw) dimension. Add the thick- ness of the fi ller material (either 5/8” or 3/4”). The result is the fi ller width for Filler 1. See step 1.2 ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 105 3