Field Installation and Service Manual IMS104 | Page 3

1” 104 1.4 Predrill a 3/16” hole at that mark, 1” up from the bottom panel and 1” down from the top panel. Field Tip: Use the body of the screw driver/ drill to index the placement of these screws. Touching the gun to the top or bottom panel can evenly index the 1” distance without needing to measure for each hole. 1.5 Prepare the prop sticks to reach just below the Wall Cabinet Index Line. Place fasteners, level and driver within arms reach. 1.6 Tip the Wall Cabinet box on its corner so that it does not require excessive bending to reach, then lift and place it on the wall where it is to be secured. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 104 3