Field Installation and Service Manual IMS102 - Page 5

102 1.2 On the wall above the Highpoint of the room, measure up 34-1/2” from the fl oor. Step 2 Drawing The Base Cabinet Index Line 2.1 Using an accurate, long level or a Laser Level Line Generator, lightly draw a truly horizontal line through the mark on the wall at the Highpoint. Continue this line to all areas in the room where cabinets will be installed, including dead corners. Field Tip: If you use a Laser Level Line Generator such as the one being depicted, the laser may need to be reset for each wall. Though this can be tedious, it is generally more accurate than transferring an accurate horizontal line through all the walls in the room with a level. This type of tool is relatively inexpensive and does a good job in this application. A Rotating Laser Level can project a level line over all of the walls in a room at once and is a better although more expensive solution. Either way, level lines generated by laser can help increase the overall accuracy of a layout and quality of the installation. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 102 5