Field Installation and Service Manual IMS102 - Page 10

Step 5 Transferring Individual Cabinet Names and Locations to the Walls Field Tip: Once you understand what the total amount of fi ller or reveal area is going to be for a run of cabinets and any constraints that affect the corners, begin to lay out the cabinet positions. Common “Front to Back” actual cabinet box depths: Starting at one end of a wall, mark the edge locations of each cabinet, space and fi ller in the Base Run with a small vertical line. Base 23-3/4” Vanity 20-3/4” 15”Wall 14-7/8” Wall 11-3/4” 5.1 Beginning with the corner of the most complicated wall, measure out the Base Cabinet Depth dimension. (A) Make a small mark on the Base Index Line and label the area being measured with the space or cabinet that is to be mounted in that area. Complete the same for the fi ller and any cabinets or appliance spaces specifi ed. (B through G) Check your layout by adding all the cabinet widths, fi llers and spaces. Confi rm that the position on the wall you arrived at is accurate to the sum of the dimensions. Make any corrections needed before you proceed. Laying Out a Base Cabinet Run and Marking Cabinet Locations Base Cabinet Index Line Refer Space F. 5/8” 57” E. 33” D. 30-1/4” C. 33” B33 #1 Oven Space 30-1/4” B33 #2 34-1/2” B. 2-1/2” G. 39” Wall Cabinet Index Line A. 23-3/4” Base Cabinet Depth Start Here Floor Highpoint ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 102 10