Fete Lifestyle Magazine January 2021 - Success Issue | Page 43

Photo Credit Dakota Corbin

One definition of success is to accomplish a goal we desire. What if our desired life goal was to accept ourselves unconditionally and without judgment? What would this look like? Our focus would be to live every day believing our experiences always serve our higher purpose, whether we experienced emotions of joy or pain. Our mission would be to feel good about ourselves, to love and respect ourselves and love and respect others. Therefore, we would never worry about what anyone thought of us because we would instinctually come from a place of love and respect when we interact with one another. Being human means accepting we make mistakes. From a place of non-judgment, we understand human error is a necessary part of our learning and evolution. Loving ourselves unconditionally means we allow ourselves to be and grow without labels. When we remove mental limitations, we give ourselves permission to express our highest creative energy.

If we are going to be successful in loving ourselves unconditionally and without judgment, then learning how to speak to ourselves is key. Everyday we get to speak to ourselves however we want. We have free choice to use words that empower instead of criticize. We have free will to create images of what we want to experience. We can choose pictures that stir the emotions we want to feel. You see, every thought we think and every word we speak is a command we are giving our mind and body to execute. Expect your experiences to go right. Anticipate good things will happen in your day. Use your self-talk to create the person you want to be. Being successful is an inside job because we are responsible for affirming daily that we are enough and we are worthy to be happy. I challenge you to experience the success of loving yourself unconditionally. Visualize or imagine how much easier and lighter our human journey would be with unconditional love for ourselves.