Fete Lifestyle Magazine January 2021 - Success Issue | Page 42

Success Is an Inside Job

By Dr. Erika Montgomery

any people think of success as

acquiring a certain amount of

money to live comfortably.

Others think of success as reaching a certain status; living in a prestigious neighborhood, creating a loving family, driving a luxury car, traveling around the world, reaching the pinnacle of your career or owning a successful business that creates

generational wealth. Judging by our

society's standards, I would say any one of these accomplishments would

be considered success. As a

Clinical Psychologist with

23 years of experience

practicing mental

health, I realize the power

of our human potential

and believe success comes

from loving ourselves

unconditionally. Realizing

we are enough and

we are worthy.

Knowing we deserve

to feel good and

think great things

about ourselves.

Success is not

determined by the

external validation, the

acquisition and

accumulation of physical

possessions, rather

success is an inside job.


Photo Credit Adrian Fernández