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life. In comparison, today our survival is not dependent on whether or not we belong to a group or whether some one likes or dislikes us.

So why is compassion essential? According to Charles Darwin, creator of the Theory of Evolution, compassion is ingrained in our DNA. As a human species our ability to feel and express compassion is intrinsically linked to our survival as a species. Therefore, making compassion essential for evolution. How do we stop judging and become more compassionate?

Here are 3 ways to increase your compassion for others:

1.One way to increase your compassion for others is through self-reflection. There is a story in the Bible that speaks about a woman adulterer who was going to be stoned to death by the villagers. As all the villagers were aiming their stones at the woman, Jesus stated, "He without sin be the first to cast the stone." In that moment, every person acknowledging their own sins, dropped their stone and the woman was allowed to live. Before you speak hurtful words towards another, ask yourself, "Are you without sin?" Having compassion is speaking words that are kind.

2.Another way to increase compassion for others is through understanding that everyone has their own truth. Every person in on a different life journey. Everyone's story is impacted positively or negatively by their formative years, their relationships, their beliefs, ethnic/racial identities, and so on. As a psychologist, learning about a person's story helps you empathize, feel compassion, and realize the courage, inner strength and perseverance it takes to overcome life challenges. Knowing a person's story gives you a new found respect for them and helps you understand how they have grown into the person they are today. Instead of judging a person based on their outward presentation or social status, ask about their story.

3.A third way to increase your compassion towards others is to practice humility. Every human is an equal member of the human race. Being human means becoming aware of our imperfections. As a result of our mistakes and choices, we learn and change. Our natural state

of being is love. Together we can evolve to a higher consciousness of mutual respect and compassion.


Inspired by "Patient" Lee Tomlinson's book, Compassion Heals

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