Fete Lifestyle Magazine August 2021 - Anything Goes | Page 64

Compassion Heals

3 Ways to

Show Yours

By Dr. Erika Montgomery

here is the compassion?

Where is the love? In today's

world everyone seems to

want to pass judgment. People are quick to share their likes and dislikes. People are quick to shame and blame. More and more, people are feeling rejected, disconnected, and isolated.

People often base their self-worth on how others' view them. If someone likes them, they feel they are worthy. If someone does not like them, they feel worthless. The problem with this way of thinking and evaluation of self is that we are allowing others to dictate how we feel about ourselves. The highest form of manipulation is giving others control over how we feel. So why are we so enslaved by the beliefs of others? Why are we so fearful of what other people think or say about us?

In primitive times, it was essential for humans to live and travel in groups to ensure their survival. We were codependent on each other for protection, basic needs, and it was necessary for us to live in small tribes. Therefore, if someone was rejected by the group, they would risk their safety and their life. In comparison, today our survival is not dependent on whether or not we belong to a group or whether some one likes or dislikes us.


Photo Credit Marcos Paulo Prado