Fete Lifestyle Magazine April 2021 - Spring/Fashion Issue | Page 77

I’ve been a customer of the Mexican Shop for over 6 years but it was only recently that I learned of the shop’s long history and romantic origins.. A few months ago, I dropped in looking for some new rings. I didn’t know much about the quality of silver, other than I didn’t want my fingers to turn green. A woman motioned me over to some silver rings and explained that the softer the silver the better quality it is because it hadn’t been mixed with other alloys to make it harder. She was so knowledgeable and really seemed to understand me, so I picked up the ring, put it on my finger and said “I’ll take it.”

As I continued to browse, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the woman’s expertise, so I asked if she was the owner. Proudly she replied, “Yes I am!”

I shared with her how I’ve been hopelessly devoted to only purchasing my jewelry from her store because of all their carefully sourced items from all over the world. She smiled and replied, “Do you remember my husband?”

Seeing her smile turn flat, I assumed he was no longer around. I asked, “When did he pass?” She answered, “two years ago.”

“Yes! I remember him,” I told her. Scrambling to mention details of his appearance I blurted out, “He was tall!” I cringed at my lack of tact, but that did not phase Shelia one bit. She gifted me with her brilliant smile that covered her entire face and in that moment I thought wow…this is their love story! Traveling the world, meeting new and interesting people, finding treasures to share with their community. How special their love must have been. I felt sad and pleased all at once. The notion that Shelia never stopped growing their legacy had me almost in tears.

Maybe there were times she wanted to throw in the towel, I wondered. I questioned, was it hard for her to carry on without him? I realized all the designs, art and style of this quaint little jewelry shop were wrapped up in the love and devotion that Shelia and her husband shared for so many years. Their love is reborn every day as Shelia shares her shop with patrons just the way she and her husband did for so many years together.

Leaving the shop was very different for me this time. With my new silver ring on my finger, I felt like I had a piece of their eternal love and believed I could play a small part in keeping their adoration alive.

If you would like to support this small business, The Mexican Shop is located in Evanston, IL at 801 Dempster Street.