February/March Sportsmen's Monthly 2014 | Page 7

NEW FACES OF TEAM USSA Name: Katie Marquardt Position: Executive Assistant Enjoys: Shooting and camping What I Love About USSA: I grew up in a family passionate about hunting and I’ve learned there’s no healthier way to provide meals for your family and no greater way to contribute to all things USSA protects. Name: Zac Lemmon Position: Associate Director of Field Services Enjoys: Bow hunting What I Love About USSA: The USSA protects what I love best: the outdoors and a hunting lifestyle. Name: Keilee Guthrie Position: Associate Education Director Enjoys: Shooting sports What I Love About USSA: USSA has given me the opportunity to work alongside motivated and passionate professionals who are dedicated to preserving America’s outdoor heritage. PETA Hands Children Pamphlet of Mutilated Cows P arents of elementary children in the southern California town of Woodland Hills are outraged after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) handed out pamphlets to their children filled with graphic images of mutilated cows disguised as cartoons. Alliance President and CEO, Nick Pinizzotto. “PETA is trying to depict our nation’s farmers as animal abusers and mainstream America will not stand for that.” PETA frequently uses disturbing images and videos in an attempt to promote their misguided messages. Parents of the elementary students in California were The seemingly innocent pamphlet titled “A Cow’s Life,” not amused by this latest stunt and are considering instead had a leaflet inserted with images of calves taking PETA to court over the graphic images. being electrocuted, mutilated, and more as described by parents of the students. As reported by CBS Los Angeles, children as young as six years old were given the disturbing pamphlets. PETA claims the pamphlet is an educational piece and that the hidden leaflet inside depicting images such as dairy farmers with machetes and cows with infected udders could have been “an innocent mix up.” “There was nothing innocent about this very disturbing attempt to influence our youth.” said U.S. Sportsmen’s Sportsmen’s Monthly February/March 2014 7