February/March Sportsmen's Monthly 2014 | Page 6

Arizona House PASSES Pair of DAMAGING Dog Bills O n Tuesday, February 18, the Arizona House of Representatives voted to approve two measures that will make life more difficult for sporting dog owners and those interested in getting involved with hunting dogs. House Bill 2242 adds a host of new regulations, standards, and inspection requirements to owners of hunting dog kennels by categorizing them as “pet dealers.” These sporting dog kennels and hobby breeders would then be subject to the laws and regulations that govern pet dealers in the state. House Bill 2302 outlaws all sales of dogs in public places. This includes rest stops and parks, as well as private commercial property like a Walmart parking lot without express permission from the owner. Completing a dog sale in a public location is a very common practice, particularly in situations where the two parties may be separated by long distances and agree to meet at a convenient location. “These bills are part of nationwide trend to slowly but surely burden hunting dog enthusiasts to the point that they can no longer pursue their passion,” said Nick Pinizzotto, USSA’s president and CEO. “Whether it is pointing pheasants, running rabbits, or retrieving ducks, hunting with dogs is a unique and exciting experience and is a great way to introduce new hunters to the sport.” 6 Sportsmen’s Monthly February/March 2014