Family Life Center Newsletter December 2013

f mily life center tougaloo college SWAGG Academy students with their Tougaloo College mentors. CHANGE ME… Reaching New Heights The CHANGE ME Mentorship program is definitely headed in the right direction this year with more engagement and interaction between mentors and their mentees. SWAGG Academy and 21st CCLC participants have meet their mentors for the 2013-14 year. They have engaged in two activities together, ‘Meet and Greet’ and ‘Stress Management’. The mentors range from traditional to nontraditional college student, so the overall group is uniquely diversified this year. In January, the participants will have an opportunity, twice a month, to engage with their mentors in ‘themed’ activities outside of their regular program design. In addition, 21st CCLC participants will act as peer counselors for SWAGG Academy counselors are (1) Elements of Empowerment and (2) Personal Responsibility. Both groups will benefit greatly from this additional support system. It is best said in the SWAGG Academy Creed, “Without you and I, there is no we. Without we, there is no community.” table of contents 21st CCLC peer counselor/8th grader, Chloe Hampton, shares time with SWAGG students. participants. This is a special addition to our CHANGE ME program. The two goals in having 21st CCLC participants serving as peer 21st Community Learning Center SWAGG Academy Partner/Student Spotlight 2 3 4 The George A. and Ruth B. Owens Health and Wellness Center (OHWC) connects with other institutional and community based organizations to enhance its capacity and provide access to primary care, quality health education and state of the art fitness services to residents throughout the state. By partnering with other organizations with similar program goals and objectives, OHWC can optimize the limited resources available, as well as leverage new funding opportunities to address the unmet needs in our target communities in the State of Mississippi.