FACES - YWAM Singapore Issue.2018 - Page 8

A S O N G I N T H E DAR K Persevering In the Frontiers sat with Sara (pseudonym) at the corner of a drink shop, eager to hear her story. In 2015, Sara left Singapore to live and serve in a nation, ‘Elbonia’ (pseudonym), that was ravaged by war and terror. After an attack in the compound she was living in, which left her fellow housemate shot dead and another kidnapped, Sara briefl y returned to Singapore. As we talked, there was no sense of self- pity or pride in her ‘adventures’ abroad. What I saw was a young woman who deeply loved the Lord and knew His love, even in suffering. Her joy was simply unshakeable. “What led you to Elbonia?” I asked. “I was part of a Christian group in university that went on a summer trip to Central Asia in 2009. I had no idea where that place was. But it sounded like it’d be an exotic holiday so I decided to go for two months to teach English.” Sara laughed as she recounted this. “During that trip, fi ve people received Christ. I was shocked! God opened my eyes to see that He loves this people group and they were willing to receive Him.” A year later, Sara returned to Central Asia. One day, as she was washing dishes, the wife of her host family invited Sara to visit Elbonia with them on a vision trip. “I thought she was out of her mind. There 6 was an ongoing war and I’d never heard of any Singaporean going there. I told her I would pray about it, but I was pretty sure the answer was no.” Three days later, on a short trip elsewhere, Sara found herself sitting next to a man from Elbonia. “That was the fi rst person from Elbonia I’d ever met. I could fi nally put a face to this nation. He knew I was a Christian and was very interested to fi nd out more. I shared the whole Gospel with him and he was asking all these questions and listening intently. I was blown away. Here’s an Elbonian man; he’s not scary, he’s not shooting me, and he wants to know more about Jesus.” This man wrote a few lines in his native language into her notebook, which he later translated. It reads, “Elbonia is a beautiful country. Please come to my beautiful country.” So six years later, after seeking God’s direction for her life, working as a social worker in Singapore and receiving missions training in YWAM, Sara fi nally began her time in Elbonia. She works as a technical advisor for an NGO that advocates inclusive education for disabled children. “My offi cial role is an NGO worker. But I’ve always felt like my role, fi rstly, is to BE and to SING and to WORSHIP. It’s such a spiritually dark and oppressive place, but I remember saying to God, ‘If I’m the only Christian in this place, then I want to sing to You so that You will receive praise from this place as well.’ I do this in the compound or when I’m travelling in the car, praying underneath my traditional veil. Everywhere we go we carry the presence of God. I’ve picked up babies, simply whispered songs into their ears to bless them, and I immediately see the difference!” With childlike faith, Sara showed me the power of worship and thankfulness in the midst of darkness. She continued to recall the amazing miracles that God performed in Elbonia. “One day in the offi ce, a young lady was crouched over in a lot of pain. There was no one else in the room and I summoned the courage and said, ‘I’m going to pray in Jesus’ name for you.’ As soon as I fi nished a simple prayer, I opened my eyes and saw her staring at me in amazement. The pain was gone! She held onto me as though I was responsible for her healing, but I said, ‘No, it was Jesus who healed you.’ I then told her to call on the name of Jesus whenever she, or anyone else in her family or community, was sick or in pain. The next thing I knew, she got up and testifi ed to everyone in the offi ce!” I listened in shock and amazement. This is a nation where anyone found to preach Jesus is condemned to death. And here, Sara was led boldly by the Spirit to minister to this young lady.