Exploration Insights September 2020 | Page 12

12 | Halliburton Landmark New Product: Global Heat Flow and Geothermal Gradient maps Are you trying to reduce uncertainty in your basin models? We now deliver heat flow and geothermal gradient maps, providing Neftex ® Advanced subscribers with the best inputs for their workflows. These maps: • Are derived from over 60,000 global observations • Are constrained by an innovative machine learning algorithm trained on a suite of geological parameters to interpolate between data points • Provide global predictions of both heat flow and geothermal gradient between data points Poorly defined thermal boundary conditions introduce large uncertainties into petroleum systems evaluations. Overcome the difficulties of a lack of data and reliance on generalized models with our global dataset and innovative global predictions of heat flow and geothermal gradient. They are available to view on the Neftex WebMapper and through the Data Downloader as rasters. Contact us today for more information.