Exploration Insights September 2020 | Page 11

Exploration Insights | 11 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors would like to acknowledge Neftex staff members, past and present, who have contributed to building the underlying content that forms the basis of the assessment described herein. REFERENCE Treloar, M., D. Slidel and O. Sutcliffe 2018. Illuminating the Anatomy of Super Basins. Exploration Insights Magazine. Exploration Insights Magazine no. May, p. 6-12. (XURBB_639037). AUTHORS Dr. Owen E. Sutcliffe, Head of Global Geology and Geophysical Practices, Halliburton Landmark Owen started his career as a postdoctoral research assistant with the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and LASMO, researching the petroleum geology of the Late Ordovician glacial clastics of North Africa. In 2000, he joined Badley Ashton & Associates as a sedimentologist, before his employment began at Neftex Petroleum Consultants in 2003. Since the acquisition of Neftex by Halliburton in 2014, Owen has held roles as Head of Stratigraphy and as Manager of the Neftex ® Insights portfolio. He is a member of the Geological Society, London and the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB). Mike Treloar, Product Owner — Screening Applications, Halliburton Landmark Mike is responsible for guiding the development of cloud-based technologies that drive efficiency gains and integration, in screening workflows. He has six years of industry experience, having performed different roles across several areas, including content management, technical marketing, and exploration-focused regional geoscience. Mike has a Master’s degree in Geology from Imperial College London, U.K. Daniel Slidel, Team Lead — Petroleum Systems Analysis, Halliburton Landmark Daniel started his career as a field assistant, working for CASP in the Canadian Arctic Islands. He joined Neftex Petroleum Consultants in 2011, where he was involved in building regional exploration projects for the Arctic. In his current position at Neftex ® , Daniel is responsible for operational management of the Petroleum Systems Analysis team. He has eight years of industry experience, and holds an MSci Geology degree from Royal Holloway University, London, U.K. DISCLAIMER This article is a synthesis based upon published data and information, and derived knowledge created within Halliburton. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, no proprietary client data has been used in its preparation. If client data has been used, permission will have been obtained and is acknowledged. Reproduction of any copyrighted image is with the permission of the copyright holder and is acknowledged. The opinions found in the articles may not necessarily reflect the views and/or opinions of Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. and its affiliates including but not limited to Landmark Graphics Corporation.