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Samara & Vladivostok


Samara is the administrative centre of the Samara Region and also forms the municipal settlement Samara Urban District . It is located on the left elevated bank of the Volga at the confluence with the Samara River . As of January 1 , 2021 , the population of the Samara Region was 3,154,164 people , including 1,144,759 people in the city itself .
Local expertise There are about 600 large and medium-sized industrial enterprises operating in the Samara Region , with industry making up more than 40 % of the GRP structure . The backbone industries of the Samara Region include the automotive industry and production of components , aerospace engineering , chemistry , and petrochemistry .
Major events Samara hosted matches of the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the VIII Russian-Chinese Youth Summer Games 2019 . Regular large events held in the city include the International Economic Forum , Volga Investment Summit There has been one ICCA-recognised major international association meeting held in the city over the past five years .
Main specialised venues Expo-Volga Exhibition Complex offers 5,500sqm of exhibition hall space and a further 10,360sqm of outdoor space . There are three permanent conference halls with capacities ranging from 25 to 100 people .
Arena Expo Exhibition Centre has an exhibition area of 2,800sqm and capacity for 6,000 people . There are also four conference halls .
CSK VVS Ice Palace has a capacity of 5,000 people and conference areas able to host 400 people .
The Congress Hall investment project brings a further capacity for hosting up to 7,000 conference delegates .
Major exhibitions in the region
• Fishing , hunting and outdoor activity on the Volga - Expo-Volga
• Mommy ’ s Here - Expo-Volga
• Ears . Paws . Tail - also organised by Expo-Volga , the main exhibition organising company in the region .
Samara ’ s Kurumoch international airport is the largest in the Volga Federal District and serves 18 international destinations .


Vladivostok is the administrative centre of Russia ’ s Far Eastern Federal District and Primorye Region . The Regional population of the Primorye Region is 1,877,844 people , including , 600,871 people in Vladivostok . The Primorye Region extends over 164,673 square kilometres .
Local expertise The Region ’ s basic industrie ares :
• Transport and logistics
• Fishing
• Forestry and woodworking
• Mining
• Mechanical engineering and metalworking
• Fuel and energy complex
• Food & Agriculture
• Foreign trade
Above : City of Samara with the Volga River
Major events and key venue Vladivostok hosts the Eastern Economic Forum ( EEF ) and has held about 10 major ICCA-qualifying events for international associations over the past five years .
The FEFU campus on Russian Island has 5,000sqm of exhibition space and conference hall capacity for hosting 2,705 people .
Major exhibition held in the region
• CITY - Dalexpocenter
• DalAgro & Food Products , also organised by Dalexpocenter , the main regional exhibition organising company .
Vladivostok International Airport named after V . K . Arsenyev offers direct regular flight services to 20 foreign cities .
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