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AT I O B 11 Tanzanian IOB Alumni Seminar & Launch Synergy Platform In the framework of IOB’s Going global programme, IOB and Mzumbe University jointly organized an alumni seminar and launched their Synergy platform. Milanzi Mursali (Mzumbe). Afterwards, a poster reception showcased previous and current work of IOB & Mzumbe alumni, students and staff. On 20 August 2017 the first Tanzanian IOB alumni seminar took place at Mzumbe University. The informal meet and greet brought together some thirty IOB alumni from Tanzania and IOB & Mzumbe staff to get to know one another or see each other again after many years. Afterwards IOB alumni were invited to dinner in Morogoro. The staff and alumni spent a lovely evening together. “Knowledge received from IOB has been so instrumental in achieving my goals as an expert in monitoring and evaluation … it was really worth it! Such alumni events are very useful in knowledge sharing. I look forward to more of these events in the future!” James Kajuna (alumnus DEM 2002-03, vice president of the Tanzania alumni chapter). The next day saw the birth of the Synergy Platform. The Synergy Platform aims to facilitate interaction between the demand side for evaluation studies (i.e. Tanzania based development actors) and those who have the capacity to undertake evaluation studies and research (i.e. IOB & Mzumbe alumni, staff, students). In the morning several workshops on evaluation methods (RCT, Process tracing and Social Network analysis) were organized for members of the Synergy Platform and IOB alumni. In the afternoon, the startup meeting of the synergy platform took place, chaired by Prof. Nathalie Holvoet (IOB) and Prof. This event also marked the start of a formal IOB Tanzania alumni chapter and enabled students and staff to discuss the way forward. Mrs Martha Mwolo was elected president of the Tanzania alumni chapter and a team of several alumni offered to help out. “IOB offered me an opportunity of a lifetime. A saying goes: when you educate a woman, you educate the whole community. The knowledge I got laid the foundation for me to pursue a teaching career in development studies in academia. Now I want to give something back” Martha Mwolo (alumna GOV 2004-05, president of the Tanzania alumni chapter). E xchange to change S eptember 2017