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INTERVIEW 9 Mollie Gleiberman | United States E2C: Could you provide some background with regards to the reasons and origin of the protest movement you were involved in? I recently participated in the Women’s March on Washington, which took place the day after Trump’s inauguration. I think this march resonated with so many people because it addressed both the disgusting chauvinism exhibited by Trump himself, and the wider Republican assault on women’s rights (and progressive values) in general. E2C: Did you feel it made a difference? I don’t think it changed any minds in the Trump administration, but it was a way to demonstrate - to Trump, to his supporters, to the world - that he does not have a popular mandate. Perhaps more importantly, the march became a positive focal point for channelling our collective outrage, our bewilderment, into an animated progressive counterforce to the administration. E2C: How did you get involved? I was glued to civil disobedience my computer screen all November, watching the unfolding crisis of a Trump presidency when one day, an item popped up in my Facebook feed: a plan for a women’s march on Washington DC set to coincide with his inauguration. I thought, “Ok, this seems really ad hoc and maybe won’t even happen, but… I need to be there.” Within consumer boycot twenty minutes I’d booked a flight. volunteer E xchange to change M ay 2017