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AT I O B 13 The City of Light Every year IOB organizes a visit to the ‘City of Light’ for its Master students, a high ’light’ in the IOB year. 2017 was no exception! With some 50 students and staff, on Sunday 19th of March the bus set off toward the French capital and a few hours later drove across the Champs El ysées. A diverse academic and sightseeing programme awaited us. On our first day, we went straight for a boat tour along the river Seine. The famous ‘Paris Spring’ was a bit more chilly than expected, but nevertheless the tour was a perfect first introduction to the beautiful city. After the tour, students could spend the rest of the day exploring at their own pace. On Monday we went to the OECD headquarters, where we were privileged to attend three interesting presentations by three excellent speakers: Pieter Vermaerke, Counsellor/DAC delegate and Henri-Bernard Solignac-Lecomte, Head of the Europe, Middle East & Africa Unit at the Development Centre and Martina Rathner, UNESCO. The presentations and concomitant questions from the students led to an interesting discussion and dialogue on migration and the evaluation of the sustainable development goals. The last day we visited the Institut d’Etudes du Développement Economique et Social at the University of Paris. An interactive conference, with presentations from IOB students as well as research carried out by the host institute allowed for another set of exciting presentations. The afternoon was organized by the two student committees and led to informal interactions and discussions. As time flies when you’re having fun, the end of the three day trip was already near. However, plans for future visits and activities were already in the making! So we said ‘Au revoir’ not ‘Adieu’ … E xchange to change M ay 2017