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The IOB academic year is already coming towards an end . Hasn ’ t the time flown by ? The academic graduation ceremony for the students of the 2015-16 academic year will take place on 12 September 2016 from 4 p . m . onwards ( in Aula Rector Dhanis ). The ceremony entails the proclamation of the graduating students , the announcements of the winners of the Prize for Development Cooperation of the Province of Antwerp and the official opening of the new academic year by the Rector of the University of Antwerp . The IOB students of class 2015-2016 will personalise the ceremony through a musical interludium and a graduation speech by the chair of the student committee .
Feeling nostalgic about your IOB graduation ? Tune in for the livestream broadcast of the ceremony that will be announced on our facebook page .

Meet & greet Vietnam

Upcoming events

It ’ s finally time for a meet and greet session in Vietnam !
An IOB meet and greet will be organized on 5 August 2016 . Prof . Nathalie Holvoet ( and family ) will be on holiday in Vietnam and would like to meet up with IOB alumni in Hanoi . The informal get-together will take place at the Rand Moroc & Coffee starting at 6 p . m . ( address : Tang 2 , 2B Tran Thánh Tông , Quân Hai Bà Trung , Hà Nôi ). Kindly confirm your presence to Sara Dewachter

Meet & greet Ecuador

A meet and greet will be organised on 14 July 2016 at 7.00 pm at Rincon La Ronda restaurant .
The adress is Belo Horizonte E8-45 and Diego de Almagro , Quito .
All alumni are welcome ! Kindly confirm your presence to Sara Dewachter
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