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AT I O B 23 Upcoming events Pathways to peace and drivers of democracy in the DRC On Tuesday 23 January 2018 IOB organised a seminar on Pathways to peace and drivers of democracy in the DRC at IOB. Reflecting on Kris Berwouts’ new book, “Congo’s Violent Peace: Conflict and Struggle Since the Great African War”, this event delved into the complex recent history of this troubled country, bringing together a panel of esteemed DRC experts and development practitioners for an informed, critical discussion on the future prospects of the DRC. The event invited several experts on the topic: Kris Berwouts – author of ‘Congo’s Violent Peace’, Marie-Rose Bashirwa – Institut Supérieur de Développement Rural, Bukavu (RDC), Patrick Milabyo – International Institute of Social Studies of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Netherlands), Pierre Englebert – Russell Smith Professor of International Relations and Professor of Politics, Pomona College (USA). 23 January Conference “Governance, Peace and Development in Burundi” | Call for papers Researchers from different social science disciplines will gather at the University of Antwerp on 5-6 July 2018 to present and discuss academic research related to Burundi. The conference will cover the broad themes of governance, peace and development and the linkages between them. This is the third conference, following earlier meetings in Ghent (2015) and Brussels (2017) initiated by the Burundi Research Network. Due date call for papers: 1 March 2018 5-6 July E xchange to change J anuary 2018