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Kick off weekend

The beginning of the IOB academic year for the students is always marked by the ‘ kick off weekend ’. This year ’ s edition was again a combination of getting to know each other while at the same time having lots of fun . Of course , just having arrived in Belgium , a tourist visit is also an essential ingredient in the success of the kick off weekend . A guided tour through the city centre of Bruges is a good place to start your discovery of Belgium !
Have you ever seen the movie ‘ Pay it forward ‘ ( click on the link to see a little trailer ; -)
A real feel good , naïve , tear jerker … The main message is that if everyone would help out only a few people in need , without expecting anything in return , ( i . e . paying it forward ) eventually the world would be full of people ‘ doing good ’. At a certain point in time , you yourself would then eventually be surprised by the kindness of a stranger .
Well , in December IOB students were paying it forward …
Each year the University of Antwerp organizes a Christmas market and the proceeds are donated to charity . The university selects two projects . Once again , one of those projects is a project ( co- ) founded by an IOB alumna , Gemma Piñol . Volley 4 change is a project , seeking to encourage health , gender equity and empowerment through sports in Vanuatu .
The current IOB students – despite being exhausted from exam and assignment deadlines – were so kind to organize a Christmas market ‘ booth ’ to sell food to support these projects ! They sold delicious international food , such as Vietnamese spring rolls , Bangladeshi Biriany , Palestinian home-made hummus wraps and Belgian Christmas Cookies . Thanks !

Paying it forward : IOB students for


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