Exceed 4WD Magazine Jan/Feb 2020 Issue 1 Volume 37 - Page 24

Any member can organise a club event / trip . Refer to our DTU site for info on training .
All trip reports should be submitted using the trip report template . Full details and photos can be entered within this document . The template is available through the documents section on TeamApp or in our shared Templates folder on Google drive . Refer to the following link ( case sensitive ).
https :// drive . google . com / open ? id = 1UU7j2cFnjgwMqUrwWznyeq7V6Gk-scBZ
Photo submissions for the magazine including cover photos can be uploaded to google drive using the following link ( case sensitive ). Create your own folder to help with sorting and please drop me an email letting me know pictures are ready .
https :// drive . google . com / drive / folders / 1KKpSrL7mcinfuIYtAcLWm09FH6aIX5Vh ? usp = sharing
Photos can also be emailed direct to editor @ pajeroclub . com . au but be sure that total size of all photos are less than 10mb . That is no more 2-3 photos per email .
Join us on our Facebook group . Exclusive to members . Look up - Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria
Be sure to share details of your club or personal trips along with your 4WD related stories on our Facebook group !
Tag # pajero4wdclubvictoria when sharing on any other social media .
Feel free to call or email me for guidance and support if required .
Nas Foscarini – # 1933 – Club Editor Email editor @ pajeroclub . com . au