Exceed 4WD Magazine Jan/Feb 2020 Issue 1 Volume 37 - Page 17

TRIP REPORTS Day 2: Peter Cooney Everyone was up nice and early to a chilly but dry start. We headed off back towards the other end of where we came in last night and headed over towards Refrigerator Gap and Bluff Link tk to stop at Bluff hut for morning tea. Then it was further along Bluff Track to Lovick’s Hut past a group of about 20 young hikers and on to King Billy Track and to the Howitt Road. Past Howitt hut and onto view point for lunch amongst the snow gums and mountain grasslands. A short distance down the road and we are at Bryce's Gorge car park and the intrepid 4wders switched to hiking mode for the 8km return hike signposted to take 3hrs. I volunteered to mind the cars and rest at the car park in an attempt to shake off a cough I'd had for 2 weeks above which seeks to get aggravated by movement. That's my excuse anyway it was lovely sitting in the semi shade and getting time to write my trip report. Days 3 , 4 and 5 : Tony Lear Day three dawned after a night of fairly constant rain showers which vindicated Alan and Tony’s decision to forgo their tents and book a cabin at Licola. The plan for the day was to tackle a series of more challenging tracks but like all good trips a Plan B is always necessary and with the rain it was considered that the harder tracks would be best saved for another day. We therefore headed north out of Licola up Target Creek Rd and Glencairn Rd. After a series of on the fly track decisions we ended up on Mount Sunday Rd and Jamieson-Licola Rd for a very cloudy and miserable view from Mt. Skene. We dropped down from the summit of Mt. Skene in order to find a more sheltered lunch spot. After lunch we headed for home with a few more short tracks along the way before rolling down the Jamieson-Licola Road for a second night at Licola. A very pleasant evening was spent in the camp kitchen around a warming fire. Day four saw us pack up camp in Licola (easy for Alan and Tony in the cabin) and head for our next overnight camp near Woods Point. Unfortunately, the Licola store did not open for fuel sales until 10:00am so we were forced to delay our departure so that we could top up the tanks. There were several others also waiting for fuel, some of whom noticed the Pajero Club stickers on our cars which impressed them as they often come across us on Facebook. This time heading south on Licola Road we dropped Burgoyne Track from our plan in the damp conditions and instead crossed Cheynes Bridge and then headed onto Cheynes Bridge Track and Black Range Track. It was along this section that we passed a convoy of about ten new cars all of different makes. It turned out that they were from 4X4 Australia magazine undertaking their 4X4 of the year assessment drive. They were also impressed that we were on a Pajero Club trip. It turned out that the tracks were quite dry despite the recent rain so we found a few interesting tracks with some challenging climbing before emerging near Store Point. Lunch was taken at the start of the walk into the Morning Star Waterwheel. A series of linking tracks got us out to Walhalla Road where we headed north before slipping off to head into Comet Flat camping area where we put the tents up for the night. As we were just outside Woods Point we headed to the pub for a counter tea before returning to camp to enjoy another pleasant evening around the campfire. A chilly start to day five saw us packing up the tents for an earlier start than yesterday. We