Exceed 4WD Magazine Jan/Feb 2020 Issue 1 Volume 37 - Page 11

Shop: Paul talked about the new items for sale. As per slide various club goods for sale. Pajero Challenge: Simon reported that more check point volunteers were needed, also more competitors. DTU: Russell handed out certificates which spread over quite a few courses. Rod Chapple Advance Course June 2019 Graham Watts Not received, did not attend meeting Johnny Borg Proficiency November 2019 Robert Dickson Proficiency November 2019 Hugh Anthony Not received, did not attend meeting Michael Cossey Proficiency November 2019 Grant Cavanagh Winching Timothy Webb Not received, did not attend meeting Wayne Lubbe Not received, did not attend meeting Terry Barbie Skills Weekend Russell reported that a chainsaw course will be organised for March 2020. Ladies only course in 2020 pending numbers Acknowledgement to Nas for a great Nov/Dec magazine. Presentation: Bridgestone – Chris Rushen Chris and his crew presented care and servicing of tyres, reading tyre plaques, correct pressures. Lots of questions from the membership. The Raffle was drawn. The door prize was won by Paul, visitor. The Christmas hampers made up by Nancy Miller were then drawn making quite a few people very happy. Thank you Peter Van Reil Exceed: A reminder that the deadline for reports will be 20 th January 2020. Next meeting 19 th February 2020. Meeting closed: 9:45pm Neil Phillips- President Robyn Burke- Secretary .../2