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Personalized funeral services

Traditional funeral services are still the standard for commemorating the passing of loved ones . Many take comfort in time-honored traditions when a loved one has passed . However , these ceremonies have seen a shift from sober gatherings to occasions that celebrate and honor a life
Personalizing funeral services is a way to honor lost loved ones . lived . As such , today ’ s funeral homes are now offering a full range of personalized services to serve all tastes and budgets following a personal loss .
It ’ s becoming increasingly common to hold individualized memorial services to highlight and celebrate the personality of the deceased . More and more funeral homes are displaying personal objects depicting the pastimes , passions and professions of the recently departed . Funeral directors can also display respectful videos or slideshows as a tribute to those who ’ ve passed . Music , decor , ambiance , buffets , even the releasing of balloons or doves ; all these details can be arranged to provide family and friends the ideal setting to express their emotions .
The tribute paid to lost loved ones differs from person to person and family to family . From the religious procession to the memorial service , funeral homes offer a full range of services specifically tailored to honor the deceased .

Power of attorney

A power of attorney , or POA , is a legal document in which a person appoints another ( the “ attorney-in-fact ”) to act in his or her name in certain matters . A durable POA is used to designate a person to manage one ’ s financial affairs until the death of the “ grantor ”. It is deemed invalid if the grantor becomes mentally incapable and , therefore , no longer capable of granting that power . In some states , it is possible to grant a “ springing ” power of attorney . In this case , the attorney-in-fact may only assume the management of the grantor ’ s financial affairs and property once mental incapacity is deemed to have taken place . Similarly , in some jurisdictions a health care proxy agreement may be granted , in which a designated person may make end-of-life and other health care decisions on behalf of the grantor .
A POA document does not necessarily need to be drafted by a lawyer ; however it can be very useful to consult with a lawyer if the circumstances of a situation seem less than clear . A notarized POA is more likely to stand up to any third-party challenge . It is also recommended that a copy be given to the grantor ’ s bank and lawyer to keep on file .
Naturally , there are some important things to think about in choosing a person to manage one ’ s personal finances and property . Naming one adult child or sibling as attorney can sometimes cause conflict within a family . Naming a trust company , lawyer , or close friend might be one way to deal with this ; alternatively , naming additional family members as POAs is an option . In every case , it is advisable to require , in the document , that all decisions and actions be reported to specified family members on a regular basis .
Power of attorney specifications and formats vary from state to state ; it is advisable to read up carefully on the subject and consult with a lawyer who can advise on the particularities of your situation .


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Coping with loss and grief

The loss of a loved one triggers physical , psychological and emotional reactions that can be difficult to overcome . It ’ s an inevitable part of life that will forever be a source of suffering and anxiety for each and every one of us . And although unbearable at first , pain is a sign that the healing process has begun .
Mourning will vary greatly from person to person , but we all tend to experience common stages of grief . There ’ s an immediate sense of shock and denial upon first losing a loved one . Once this disbelief subsides , feelings of anger and sadness surface as we slowly recognize the magnitude of the loss . These emotions are ultimately replaced by a sense of acceptance as we begin to move forward and deal with the reality of our situation .
There are no set rules or guidelines when it comes to mourning because we all go about it in our own way . It ’ s important to be patient with yourself and allow yourself to experience and express the full range of your emotions . There ’ s no set timetable for when you should start feeling better . Some days will be more difficult than others ; the pain you experience might even intensify or subside from one hour to the next . According to specialists , a period of mourning can sometimes last for months or even years , and under no circumstances should it be hurried or forced . If the pain becomes too overwhelming , talking with someone , writing or even drawing can help you cope with your emotions .
Sometimes , overcoming the loss of someone dear to us seems next to impossible . And even though grief tends to make you feel isolated , it ’ s important to know that you ’ re not alone . Most neighborhoods have support groups that can help with the mourning process . Members will listen to you and share their personal experiences , which can be a great comfort during the initial period of bereavement . There ’ s also a wealth of online forums , chat rooms and resources that provide similar services . However , it ’ s important to recognize when your pain becomes more than just grief . Consult a doctor if you begin to have symptoms of severe insomnia , anxiety or depression .
Grieving the loss of a loved one can take months and even years .

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Cokato Manor Community

• 24-hour Skilled Nursing Care
• Senior Day Services • Rehab Therapy
• Meals on Wheels • Child Care
• Transitional Care Wing • 26 Single Rooms 182 Sunset Ave ., Cokato • ( 320 ) 286-2158

Out-Patient Therapy Service

Community Fitness ( 320 ) 286-3193


Assisted Living Residence 180 Sunset Ave ., Cokato ( 320 ) 286-2158

Cokato Manor Home Health

• Medicare Certified • State Licensed
• Physical , Occupational , and Speech Therapy ( 320 ) 286-3049

Heritage Place

A Secure Memory Care Unit ( 320 ) 286-2158

Edgewood Gables

Independent Senior Living Apartments Housing with Service Options Available 600 East Third St ., Cokato ( 320 ) 286-2159