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7th Mixed Team

Topic 7:Learning to respect to cultural diversity and others in a getting more diverse societies.

Mentor:Rosanna Torselli (I.I.S.S. “E.Fermi” Italy

8th Mixed Team

Topic 8:How to Prevent Online Radicalisation

Mentor:Jenny Syrrist,Hovseter Skole,Oslo, Norway

9th Mixed Team

Topic 9::Learning to live together in the same global village

Mentor:Ünsal Saper-Zile Fen Lisesi-Tokat,Turkey

10th Mixed Team

Topic 10:Raising intercultural understanding.

Mentor: Marian Luca – Liceul Teoretic “Ion Slavici,Romania

11th Mixed Team

Topic 11:Raising tolerance towards people who have different cultural background.

Mentor:Jenny Syrrist,Hovseter Skole,Oslo, Norway

12th Mixed Team

Topic12:Humanitarian Values:From Vision to Action

Mentor:Nancy Gkiotli 1o ΛΥΚΕΙΟ ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΟΥ-ΚΟΡΔΕΛΙΟΥ –Greece


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