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Cross-cultural understanding is crucial for people to communicate with each other. Because people who have opposite opinions abaut each other can not communaicate. Therefore, they can not show understanding. With this project. we can develop intercultural understanding between people. Finally cultur is people. İntercultural understanding people between people .

(Furkan Soylu)

Beliefs, art and even the everyday habits of other people can be fascinating and even charming. Visiting a city full of their history and learning about their past through it, being in places that they consider holy, eating alongside them and seeing their lives through their own eyes is amazing. I cannot understand how someone could ignore or even reject such beautiful things because of an unjustifiable fear of the unknown. And yet it still happens to this day. Often times, we find ourselves under the thumb of our prejudices and stereotypes. We have to understand that our cultural identity will not be lost just by admiring and assimilating the good aspects of others’ cultures. Instead, we should be preoccupied with having something to give back as well.

(Bianca Cozma)

It is very important for us to develop intercultural understanding. We have to do a lot of research on this subject. People do not listen to each other in the world. And with this prejudice they can not look at each other well. If we can ensure that cultures can coalesce,we will destroy this prejudice

(Bengisu Çimen)

I think that in order to develop intercultral understanding, you must learn to value Your own culture, language and belief, and then others. It does not make sense to judge or not tolerate other people when one does not know anything about their culture and belief, but also what is right and wrong or good and bad. I think that intercultural understanding is very important since we are living in this world together. There should not be any them and theirs and us and Ours, but we and Ours. Eerybody are human.It will take a long time for everybody to raise intercultural understanding because there will always be someone who does not want to cooperate and learn, but I hope we will figure it out.


All over the world there are different cultural backgrounds so it occurs that there will be differences of understanding among people.We have to realise that culture is one of the most basic ways of developing understanding between people all over the world.What intercultural understanding really means is to respect other cultures and other religions which is very important nowadays.Lastly we have to say that nobody should exclude anyone because of the skin colour or the religion.Although this is not happening. So what we have to do about it? It is very simple.We can learn a lot of thing about it through education.For example our teachers should let us know more about intercultural understanding


I think intercultural understanding is very important to all of us. People are born with different cultures. Different religions, different languages, different lifestyles... But none of this should make us prejudiced against each other. To everyone's religion, race and language against we must do understanding. For example, we should not exclusion a person if it is not the same your religion your skin color is not the same. Exclude is bad behavior. Although one person's skin color is different, it is a human like you. We must be respectful and understanding. So we must first eliminate our prejudices and become friends! The world is beautiful when we are understanding. I hope we can all be understandin

(Hayrunnisa Günenç )