ESCAPE- OLOGY Magazine Issue 3 | Page 23

3 - Piazza di Mercato Nuovo

Wander through the historical city that consists of a maze of alleys and little streets and indulge in the local delicacies.

Explore the shopping district with luxurious and trendy shops and nearby Piazza di Mercato Nuovo. This is a famous market for local leather products such as bags, jackets and much more. Don’t forget to seal your luck at Il Porcelliono by dropping a coin into the boar's gaping jaws. Rub the boar's snout to ensure a return to Florence.We both did it and hope to return to Florence soon!

4 - Uffizi Gallery and surroundings

Walk through to the Uffizi Gallery and admire this spectacular piece of architecture with the impressive Palazzo Vecchio to top it off. In front of Palazzo Vecchio you will find Piazza Della Signoria. The best part of this square is Loggia dei Lanzi, which is an open-air sculpture gallery of antique and renaissance art including the Medici lions.

5 - Capelle Medicee and Pallazo Medici

Speaking about family Di Medici who was one of the most powerful banking families during the renaissance, reminds me to encourage you to pass by Capelle Medicee and Pallazo Medici. These are both stunning.

6 - Piazza Santa Croch

One of most beautiful squares for me is Piazza Santa Croch with the Basilica of the Holy Cross. This Basilica could be the little brother of the Duomo. The architecture is just as impeccable and this square is way less touristy.

7 - Piazza Della Repubblica and Piazza Santa Maria Novella

Other spectacular squares are Piazza Della Repubblica and Piazza Santa Maria Novella.

Close to Piazza Santa Maria Novella in via Della Scale you will find the oldest Pharmacy in Florence. The authentic interior is mesmerizing. Today they sell local beauty products. It is definitely worth to take look inside.

8 - Palazzo Pitti & Giardino di Boboli

On the other side of the river you will find the impressive Palazzo Pitti with its enchanting Giardino di Boboli. This is the prefect spot to escape the busy city. From the park you have gorgeous panoramic views over Florence. You will also be introduced to the versatile and beautiful nature of Tuscany. You can easily fill a whole day just wandering through this garden.

9 - Piazzale Michelangelo

Last but not least experience a sunset on Piazzale Michelangelo. Here you have the best panoramic view over Florence. Take a break on the stairs to admire the sunset over the skyline of this amazing city. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine to have an aperitivo.