ESCAPE- OLOGY Magazine Issue 3 | Page 22

Florence Italy: Photo guide

Florence the capital of Tuscany, better known as the cradle of the Renaissance, is one of the most famous cultural cities in Europe. It is also one of my favourite cities.

Every time I visit Florence it surprises me by discovering something new. So exploring the whole town in just a few days is really impossible.

Of course, I don’t want to discourage you. Even if you are there for a short city trip, you won’t be disappointed. With this blog post I like to list up the MUST-SEES of Florence. So you can plan your trip as well and efficiently as possible.

When I take a city trip, I like staying in the centre of the city. On the one hand to win time with less transportation, but also to be able to experience the city at all possible moments like early mornings and late evenings. I also love it when a hotel radiates the character of the city. That is why we chose to stay in the oldest hotel in Florence NH collection Firenze Porta Rossa.

Before you start reading this photo guide I have just 1 very important tip left for you: Let yourself be completely immersed in the history of this beautiful city. So don’t try to see as much as possible, but really take your time to enjoy this fascinating town. )

1 - The Duomo

The most famous attraction and also the eye catcher of Florence is of course the Duomo. It goes without saying that this stunning cathedral attracts many visitors. But still it is definitely a must see in Florence. If you would like to visit the inside, go before opening time.We didn’t go in because of the long queues. But from the outside it is still really impressive.

2 - Ponte Vecchio

The best time to cross Ponte Vecchio for me, is in the morning when the stores are opening. It is less crowded and you can admire the beautiful views from the bridge without bumping into other tourists.

Stroll alongside the jewellery shop windows and enjoy Florence waking up. I just love the sound of yelling Italians in the morning. It sounds like music to my ears.