ERSA Pro Stringer Magazine Issue 4 - 2018 prostringer4-18 13.06 - Page 27 ERSA ATW Internazionali BNL d’Italia - Rome 2018 WILSON OFFICIAL STRINGING TEAM — feeling wonderful with Paolo Aramini, Paolo Foschi, Christian Famà, Giancarlo Sparla, Marco Rossani, Sergio Ajello, Paolo Facci, Michele Fabbretti and Simone Scaturro. Mutua Madrid Open 2018 Javi Segura, second from the right and Paul Skipp, background, ERSA UK Manager, stringing at the Madrid Open Basic Workshop – Senigallia, Italy Adolfo Dolci, owner of Stadt Pescara shop „DOLCI SPORT“, Stringer at pre-qualification BNL Internazionali in Rome the 7-9 May 2018. Giorgia Dolci, Mode designer, owner of “TS TENNIS STORE”, stringer at the pre-qualification BNL Internazionali in Rom 7-9 May 2018. 27 ERSA PRO STRINGER // ISSUE 4-2018