English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 6 - 2019 | Page 13

COMPANY PORTRAIT ■  Truly modular: 16 axle lines in total, making numerous combinations possible WE DO IT ALL “We often use swap bodies for the wooden construction components. This enables us to deal with all the logistics efficiently. Transport, storage and crane operations can all be scheduled by us with our own equipment. We also transport construction machinery. Here the 80-tonne stone crusher that we transport every week with a 5-axle Volvo tractor and a 4-axle dolly is a real eye catcher. For the transport of roof tiles we have two trucks with heavy loading cranes.” AND THE NEXT INVESTMENTS? “Because the majority of our equipment is used for highly specialised work, it takes us a while before we make decisions. Next to be replaced will be the 5-axle tractor, which we use for the transport of an 80-tonne stone crusher.” IS IT DIFFICULT TO FIND GOOD PERSONNEL? “For new drivers we have an in internal training programme that takes ■  three years. All aspects of our work are covered, including the rules for the transport of hazardous substances. We have no foreign drivers and the turnover of our personnel is minimal. We soon find out if someone is not suitable for the work we do. It is not an easy job, but our drivers enjoy one big advantage; they are home nearly every day.” Rudolf and Ernst Affolter grew up between cranes and trucks. An important reason for the Affolter Transporte’s success in business stems from the fact that the brothers very much enjoy going to work every day. Ernst: “Our work is also our hobby, and the pleasure we take in our work is infectious, so our personnel and customers share those feelings. It may be our biggest advantage that we deliver right on time. This is vital for construction projects, because without materials the whole crew will be idle.” This is how Affolter functions: like a Swiss watch.”  ■ The Euro-PX as a semi low-loader is ideal for heavy, highly concentrated loads 13