English - Nooteboom Giants on the Road Magazine English - Nr. 6 - 2019 | Page 12

GIANTS ON THE ROAD WHICH ARE THE CUSTOMERS OF AFFOLTER? “After 2000 more and more mechanical engineering companies disappeared from Switzerland. Our field of operations has moved to the construction industry. For that sector we transport their machines and materials, such as roof tiles and wooden rafters. We do very little in the wind energy industry. Not many windmills are built here, because the Swiss don’t like the look of windmills and conserving the natural habitat of animals is a top priority here.” DOES AFFOLTER ALSO WORK TOGETHER WITH FOREIGN COMPANIES? “Our vehicles mainly operate in Switzerland. If we have to collect a load from the port of Rotterdam or Antwerp we usually contract out the work. We are not looking for international work and we can contract out those jobs at a very competitive price.” ■  With an 8x6 tractor the maximum GCW is 165 tons IS THE EU AN ADVANTAGE OR DISADVANTAGE FOR SWISS COMPANIES? THE MODULAR NOOTEBOOM EURO-PX “Our Nooteboom Euro-PX has the advantage of enabling us to put together many different combinations, varying from a 1-bed-4 to a 3-bed-6. Because it’s so easy to uncouple the Interdolly we sometimes use different versions on the same day. When we use the low-loader version we can choose from various load floors, including a spine floor and an extendible floor. When used as a semi low-loader we combine a maximum load capacity with outstanding manoeuvrability. It rarely happens that we cannot find a way to fit a heavy or high load on our Euro-PX.” WHAT CAN NOOTEBOOM IMPROVE ON? “We have always invested in up-to-date equipment. With an optimal vehicle we can give our customers optimal service. Nooteboom invests continually in better quality, easy operation and lower dead weight. And for service and parts too Nooteboom is always ready to help. In a word: we are extremely satisfied with the quality as well as the service of Nooteboom.” ■  12 Affolter often transports machinery for construction companies “Switzerland is not a member of the EU, but in daily practice there are not many differences. Here too the production companies have disappeared to countries with lower wages. The construction industry in Switzerland employs builders from abroad and our trade with the EU has few constraints. As far as we can see Switzerland is not that different from Germany, the Netherlands or Italy.” AFFOLTER HAS TAKEN OVER SEVERAL COMPANIES “In order to strengthen our position in the construction industry we have taken over several companies. It started in 2001 with the takeover of Held Transport. Because we saw the advantage of combining crane hire and transport we took over the crane department of Kehrli + Oerler in Bern in 2003. In 2008 we were able to take over Lehmann Bau + Kran. Due to the cooperation between the various companies we can offer the complete package of cranes, transport and storage.”