El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 12 - Page 4

Influencers transformation makes it more important than ever for companies and cybersecurity professionals to have honest conversations and work together to ensure security is a core focus and not something that is bolted on after the fact. The complete article is here Kate Charlet DIRECTOR TECHNOLOGY AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS PROGRAM Basheer Ahmed Khan Solutions Architect at Agni Information Systems Pvt Ltd Understanding Federal Cybersecurity Data – the most valuable asset and securing it From Cyber Security Project Director Michael Sulmeyer: The Belfer Center’s Cyber Security Project benefits from research partnerships with former national security practitioners. Kate Charlet and I worked together in the Department of Defense, where she most recently served as the acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy. Now, she is the Director of the Technology and International Affairs Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. I am very excited that we are now publishing her report, “Understanding Federal Cybersecurity.” This report provides important context and recommendations about steps the federal government can implement to improve its cybersecurity. Kate has made the mystifying landscape of federal cybersecurity understandable and accessible, and she expertly highlights the key challenges and opportunities facing the federal government. The complete article is here Philippe Courtot Co-founder of the CIO/CISO Interchange Data is the most valuable asset right now. In fact it is more valuable than oil. While oil resources are fast dwindling, data resources are growing and they are growing at a very very fast rate. The other advantage data has over oil is, it can be re-used infinite number of times. The value of data can be assessed by a simple fact that the top six most valuable companies of the world right now are the ones who have huge reserves of data with them. The complete article is here Richard F. Chambers CIA, QIAL, CGAP, CCSA, CRMA, is president and CEO of The IIA. What Will Internal Audit's Future Leaders Look Like? It is a safe assumption that every profession will change dramatically the deeper we go into the 21st century. Technological innovations, the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, and geopolitical and macroeconomic pressures virtually guarantee it. Security in the Age of Digital Transformation The world is changing. In and of itself, that’s not new. The world has continuously evolved and adapted since the dawn of time. What makes it different now is that technology compresses timeframes and accelerates the pace of change. This age of rapid digital The complete article is here