El Diario del CISO El Diario del CISO (The CISO Journal) Edición 13

Desafíos EL DIARIO DEL CISO (THE CISO JOURNAL) Julio(July), Volumen 13/2019 Pensando y Trabajando por un Líder de Seguridad Digital En esta edición Desafíos de un Líder de Seguridad Digital (LSD) CISOS.CLUB  Desafíos de un LSD de hoy (Challenges of a DSL’s today)  Pensamientos de un LSD  Thoughts of a DSL  International InfoSec & CyberSecurity News  Influencers  Influenciadores  Noticias de Seguridad y Ciberseguridad  Reportes y encuestas de la Semana (Report & surveys of the Week) ¿Cuáles crees que son las capacidades esenciales como #LSD #LídeSegDigital?  Ruta de la Seguridad  Bolsa de Empleo  Challenges of a Digital Security Leader (#DSL) CISOS.CLUB Other Magazines & More Welcome to a new edition of The CISO Journal. A space for learning and reflections for you as Digital Security Leader #DSL #DigitalSecLeader. The news of these two weeks that have already gone by continue to show the reality of the cybersecurity world and its quite interesting dynamics in a digital environment that is increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. “Un #LSD necesita crear más #experimencias. Donde cada experimento se convierta en una experiencia que le permita #desreaprender continuamente”. “A #LSD needs to create more #experimencias. Where each experiment becomes an experience that allows you to continually unlearn.” Pregunta de reflexión Reflection question ¿Qué se necesita más de ti para desaprender y reaprender los saberes previos en relación con la construcción de posturas confiables de seguridad digital? Of the most commented these weeks we have: In terms of the most commented we have the gigantic sanction imposed on Facebook for 5 billion dollars, in the same way the negotiations that Equifax has been doing in terms of the sanctions. The state of Lousiana in the US is declared in emergency after suffering a Ransomware attack; attacks around the globe as the case of the leakage of 130,000 records in Australia, in Bulgaria, Russia through contractors generate a data breach where 7.5 Terabytes of data are exposed. In Johannesburg, a ransomware affects a power plant and finally the retaliation of Iranian hackers using LinkedIn to send malicious software. These and much other news show that it is necessary to be open and willing to the dynamic and constant changes that the world of cybersecurity produces in a digitally modified reality that we are facing today How do you think that understanding the cyber- security context helps you build better digital security positions for your organization? What does it take more from you to unlearn and relearn previous knowledge regarding the construction of reliable digital security positions? www.cisos.club www.cisos.co coné[email protected]